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Get Free Traffic With Y! Answers


Yahoo Answers is one of the fastest, easiest and least expensive (free) way to get your site on the large map that is the internet. Let’s find out how.

Yahoo Answers needs to be on your radar if you could use some more hits. It seems that whatever your blog/website’s audience, there will always be a section of questions specifically tailored to your sites interest or subject matter. The average viewer will go through stages that looks like this: First, they will post their question onto Y! Answers (let’s say they’re asking about a certain book). Second, they will find a series of answers from people all over the globe who claim to have knowledge regarding their question. This is where you come in.

People like us who develop websites with our own content are thirsting for attention. Y! gives us this option to freely link and refer to our site through their service. The asker will then most likely click on your link guiding them to your website. If you have done your homework before hand, your site should please the socks of this person asking the question. From there, It’s really up to the quality of your content.

Quick tips for Y! Answers

  • Offer some reliable information up front when you answer peoples questions. They will most likely visit your site if they see that what you have to say is somewhat accurate and correct
  • Try to get to Level 2 as quickly as possible. This will allow you to post click-able links in your answers; raising your visits by a massive amount. A higher level also means more credibility to your name.
  • Get a profile Picture. This will naturally draw viewers eyes to your answer and hopefully your website.

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