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130+ (Absolutely) Gorgeous Wallpapers


This is an original Edge Press collection of over 130 awesome and stunning wallpapers for your desktop or inspiration. This is a gem of a post.


18 Responses

  1. Stunning. Even we have not yet had a single collection like this one.

  2. A true feast for the eyes. Nice post!

  3. I absolutely love the sixth to last one of the world map typography!

  4. These are stunning, truly magnificent, I am amazed!

  5. Nice collection. The Taipei skyline is amazing, it’s already on my desktop.

  6. I looooooooove these!!!!!

  7. I never gave permission. I want a link to my gallery at http://starfantazy.deviantart.com/gallery or remove the image. Thanks, Amy Neal (starfantazy)

    Mine is play.

  8. Well looks like you took care of that link problem.

    I don’t claim a single image on this page to my credit. I’m simply trying to show some beautiful pictures.

    I also don’t make a single cent on this site. I have sacrificed alot of time making these posts will nothing to gain. So don’t worry. I’m not exactly looking to steal crap.

    But just for you, I will remove the picture and let you keep your link. (sigh….) This gallery just isn’t the same without your one picture.

  9. Great collection of wallpaper =)

  10. They are beautiful so thank you!

  11. Amazing, really so beautiful. ive got the world one. it actually feels like its moving when i look at it.

  12. most of them have been taken from my imagination 😉

  13. Hey, I just found this post (sorry, I know it’s old…).
    Anyway, my ‘Flow’ background is in there, and I just wanted to say thanks. It’s awesome to find out people like something you’ve made.

  14. jgyyggbtu799oh;p9iuuuuuuuuogubiyuhuy7it6bl;un\[p\

  15. jgyyggbtu799oh;p9iuuuuuuuuogubiyuhuy7it6bl;un\[p\

  16. Amazing!!!!! wow! Thanks for sharing

  17. so beautiful wallpaper .

  18. You hit the nail on the head with a good post with a bit of excellent info

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