Directory To The Best Apple Wallpaper Collections (645+)


Finally a new post… Well here is a list of some of the best collections on the web of Apple Wallpapers containing over 645 in all.

The Best Apple Wallpaper Collections:

Hongkiat – 60 Most Beautiful Apple (Mac OS X Leopard) Wallpapers

Hongkiat – 30 Nicest Apple, Mac OS and iPod Wallpapers

Hongkiat – 55 Most Beautiful Apple iPhone Wallpapers

Edge Press – 55 (Stunning) Apple Wallpapers for iPhone

1st Web Designer – 40 High Resolution And Elegant Apple Wallpapers

A New Morning – 60 Best Apple Wallpapers

Spyre Studios – 50 Incredible Apple Desktop Wallpapers

Spyre Studios – 50 More Incredible Apple Desktop Wallpapers

The Apple Blog – 30 Apple Themed Desktop Wallpapers

Deviant Art – Browsing Mac OS Themed Pictures

Smashing Magazine – 100 (Really) Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

Francesco Mugnai – 35 New Amazing Apple Wallpapers

Blaberize – 50 Apple Wallpapers

Technobuzz – 30 Beautiful Apple Wallpapers

Add Some More!


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  1. I really like the apple . This is my choice.

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